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How To Assemble The Vermont Portable Set

Have the Vermont Portable Volleyball Pro Set up and ready in no time, with the simple guidance of this assembly video. The video will take you through the assembly process, step by step, from the unpackaging to the final adjustments, allowing for a quick and easy set-up of the volleyball net.


Included in this volleyball set is the net, the poles, guide ropes and the court lines, so you can have a full court set-up in moments. The full court set is useful for all, with net poles that offer three different heights for the women’s, mixed and men’s game, and the option for either the beach or regulation net lengths.

With no fixed poles, the volleyball net can be taken up and down in moments. The Vermont Portable Volleyball Set enables you to play volleyball almost anywhere you can peg the rope supports into the ground.

For the assembly, lay out all the components, and then start off by sliding the poles through the sleeve on each side of the net, with the metal hooks sticking out of the top. Once the poles have been pushed through, attach the guide ropes to the hook at the top of each pole and move the adjusters to the middle of the guide ropes, ready to peg into the ground.

Adjust the poles to the height you require, then lift the pole upright into position and peg the guide rope down, at roughly a 45 degree angle to the volleyball net.

Repeat for the other side, making sure the bases of each pole are the correct distance from one another before pegging the guide ropes down.

After the ropes are pegged down at both ends and the net is stable, you may need to adjust the length of the guide ropes to get the right amount of tension in the net. Tighten or loosen the adjusters on the guide ropes until both poles are vertical and the net is taut. Once this is done, your net is complete, waiting for you to spike the ball for the ace!

Our Vermont range includes a wide range of equipment for court sports, from tennis to badminton to even pickleball! Whether it is volleyball netting you are after or even some tennis balls, we stock it, available for quick delivery!