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Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer

Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer

  • Eye-In Cricket Batting Trainer | Batting Practice | Net World Sports
  • Cricket Batting Trainer | Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat | Net World Sports
  • Eye-In Cricket Batting Trainer | Batting Practice | Net World Sports
  • Cricket Batting Trainer | Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat | Net World Sports
The high-quality Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer is ideal for developing your batting technique. Full-size Kashmir Willow cricket bat is narrower than regulation. Easy-clip string comes with cricket ball & golf ball for batting practice.

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Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer – Ideal For Finding The Middle Of The Bat

An excellent way of ensuring you’ll consistently find the middle of your cricket bat, the Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer is the perfect addition to your coaching set-up. Innovatively designed to allow players to solely focus on their contact point, the full-size cricket bat is much narrower than regulation. As well as a cricket bat, the Eye-In™ also features a detachable string which allows players to attach the included cricket ball & golf ball simply & efficiently.

  • Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer – The best way to work on your batting techniques
  • Cricket Bat is full-size (short hand) but narrower than regulation to focus on middling the ball
  • Cricket Bat is expertly-crafted using Kashmir Willow for match-like practice
  • Trainer features innovative clip system with a detachable cricket ball & golf ball included
  • Can also be used for throw-downs in the nets before matches
  • Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer comes with a Sir Donald Bradman DVD included

Every element of this cricket batting tool has been created using premium-grade materials to allow players to practice in match-like conditions. The cricket bat has been hand-crafted using high-grade Kashmir Willow to give it an elite performance with supreme durability. The cricket ball is made from traditional leather and weighs 156g, replicating the characteristics of a match-regulation cricket ball. The included golf ball allows players to increase the difficulty of their practice further.

The Eye-In™ cricket practice device has combined the age-old practice technique of the cricket ball in one of Mums' old stockings with the golf ball and stump technique used by crickets greatest ever batsman, Sir Donald Bradman.


Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer Specifications

What You Get:

  • Full-size cricket bat (short hand) – narrow bat face for batting practice
  • High-quality string with innovative clip system
  • Traditional cricket ball & golf ball
  • Sir Donald Bradman Batting DVD


  • Cricket Bat: hand-crafted using Kashmir Willow
  • Cricket Ball: traditional leather


  • Batting trainer is ideal for working on middling the cricket ball
  • Cricket ball offers match-like practice whilst golf ball increases difficulty
  • Cricket Bat can also be taken into nets for throw-downs before matches
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Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer

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Eye-In™ Cricket Batting Trainer

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