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Test Grade Folding Sight Screen [Extends 4m To 8m]

Test Grade Folding Sight Screen [Extends 4m To 8m]

  • 8m Test Sight Screen
  • 8m Test Sight Screen

Folding cricket sight screen extending up to 8m wide. Folds down to 4m for easy storage. Slats manufactured from tough UPVC. Available as a single screen or pair.

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Fold-Down Cricket Sight Screen – A Space Saver For All Cricket Clubs!

This innovative test grade cricket sight screen can be extended to a huge 8m wide sight screen, and can also fold away to a more compact 4m wide sight screen. This makes transporting and storing your sight screen quick and easy.

  • Main 4m wide sight screen can be extended to 8m wide
  • Reinforced UPVC slats are stronger than traditional wood to take any direct hits
  • Sturdy steel frame is weatherproof and galvanized to prevent rust
  • 4 32.5cm x 20cm wheels give great balance and enable screen to quickly be rolled into position
  • Available as a single sight screen or a pair of cricket sight screens


Our fantastic cricket sight screen folds away to 4m and can be extended out to a jumbo size of 8m wide. This innovative design is a huge space saver for your cricket ground.

Each 2m wide hinged slat is held in place with a tensioning chain, meaning you can adjust the sight screen size to 4m or 8m. These slats are manufactured from a tough UPVC to ensure they can take any stray cricket ball that comes their way.

Moving your extendable cricket sight screen is easy thanks to its 4 metal wheels, which allow the cricket sight screen to be transported to and from storage or into new positions on the cricket pitch.

Choose between a single cricket sight screen or a pair of sight screens with the use of the drop down menu at the top of the page.


Please Note: Our range of sight screens are made to order, and there is a wait time of up to 2 weeks prior to standard dispatch. If you require the sight screens to be setup and installed, then please contact us for a quote.

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