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Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine [Pitch Attack]

Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine [Pitch Attack]

  • Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine
  • 2017 Paceman Pitch Attack
  • Paceman Bowling Machine
  • Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine
  • 2017 Paceman Pitch Attack
  • Paceman Bowling Machine
Perfect for cricket clubs & schools, the Paceman Pitch Attack delivers balls up to 50mph. Gives players exceptional consistency to work on batting technique & features a 6-ball capacity auto-feeder. Mains powered with optional battery kit & 6 pack of balls available.

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Paceman Pitch Attack Cricket Bowling Machine – Consistent Balls Up To 50mph

This Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine is the ultimate batting net session companion as it can deliver a range of deliveries at varied speeds – excellent preparation for a matchday. One of our most popular bowling machines amongst cricket clubs & schools, the Paceman Pitch Attack is also a perfect choice for those hours of solo practice in the back garden. Unique to other cricket bowling machines, this paceman provides players with exceptional consistency whilst delivering cricket balls at at speeds of up to 50mph. This 2018 model features an included 6-ball capacity auto-ball feeder which when combined with the 6 pack of mixed paceman cricket balls (optional extra), can create the ultimate training set-up.

  • Paceman Pitch Attack Cricket Bowling Machine – Delivers Balls Up to 50mph
  • 6-ball capacity auto-ball feeder included with 6 pack of Paceman Balls an optional extra
  • Cricket Bowling Machine is mains powered & comes with UK 3 pin-plug
  • Optional battery kit available to give Paceman up to 3 hours of wireless play
  • Paceman Pitch Attack is an excellent choice for cricket clubs & schools

Just like any of the paceman bowling machines, the Pitch Attack has been meticulously developed to ensure an elite performance is always achieved. Powered by any standard UK mains supply, this bowling machine is fitted with a regulation 3-pin UK plug (overseas may require a voltage converter). Suitable for indoor & outdoor use, the paceman comes offers an optional battery kit to add your machine, giving players up to 3 hours wireless cricket action. There’s no time wasted when setting up either as the innovative tri-pod design is super-easy to set-up & take down and makes storing the machine the simplest of tasks. Brimming with professional quality at exceptional value, the Paceman Pitch Attack Cricket Bowling Machine is an essential for your cricket facility.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure excellent longevity, please use Paceman Bowling Machine Balls ONLY. Other styles of cricket ball may cause damage to the paceman mechanism which will affect overall performance.

Housing Motor Speed Ball Feeder Drive Wheel Adjustable Dial? Adjustment Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 50mph 6 ball feeder included PU NO Light, LTD & Mixed
Original S2 Plastic AC Up to 55mph 12 ball feeder included PU YES Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
Strike Metal DC Up to 68mph 12 ball feeder included Concave TPR YES Pitch Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
Pro X2 Metal DC Up to 68mph 12 ball feeder optional Concave TPR YES Pitch, Swing & Spin Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg


Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine Specifications


  • Expertly designed to deliver cricket balls at speeds up to 50mph (80kph)
  • Bowling Machine features a 6-ball capacity auto-ball feeder for solo net sessions
  • Each Paceman comes with 1x paceman bowling machine ball included as standard
  • PU Drive Wheel ensures a consistent & smooth delivery is always achieved

Power Source:

  • UK Mains Powered (220-240V) – regulation UK 3-pin plug
  • For countries outside the UK a voltage converter may be required (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Battery Kit (OPTIONAL): 300W pure sine wave inverter with 12V deep cycle lead battery – up to 3 hours life – CHARGER NOT INCLUDED


  • Optional 6 Pack Mixed Paceman Bowling Machine Balls available
  • For optimal performance, please ONLY use paceman cricket balls
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Paceman Pitch Attack DOES NOT feature an adjustable dial
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Is there a second hand market for these machines? How long is the delivery time?


Hi Charles, Thank you for your question. We do not sell used Paceman machines only ones which are brand new, if the items are in stock delivery lead time is no longer than 5 working days. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine [Pitch Attack]

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Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine [Pitch Attack]

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